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For a turn-key solution.

World Class experts backed by the experience needed to establish and maintain a profitable cannabis operation in all areas of the industry.

White Label Cannabis Service

Let us save you money by making your product

We have base formula for many products as well as formulas that have gone through all phases of R & D, and are ready to go to market.   Got an idea for a product?  Let our team make your edible/vape or oil product come to life.

Increase Efficiency

While lowering Operational Costs

Our vast experience allows our clients to be secure in the knowledge that we have the knowledge and experience to quickly & lower operational costs in current crop of cannabis.

Assess your Needs

Book time to talk about your investment needs

Are you ready for the next step?  If so, book a time with one of our specialists and we can get you ready for whatever crops you are ready to grow.

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Grow/Green House


We help our clients win by outsmarting and outmaneuvering the competition rather than outspending them.

And  it all starts with

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Depend on Our Years of Expertise, Reputation & References

​We Demand the Highest Quality of Products in the Industry

Founded by Parker MacRae,

August 22, 1996.

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