Brokering/Tolling Contracts

We help our clients establish sales and purchases of isolates, distillates and crude oil in the USA as well as in multiple international companies.  Our in-house legal counsel is able to also help with shipments stuck in customs and other legal issues.

We can handle orders of up to 25,000 kilos of cannabis product.  Due to our working contracts with hospitals and medical research, we are able to move both CBD and THC products.


The regulated cannabis industry is developing rapidly with evolving laws and regulations. Navigating through current and new regulations can be tedious and leaves you at risk.

We also work with companies to set up tolling agreements.  A tolling agreement is a contract between one company that owns raw materials and another that is engaged to process those materials, according to the specifications of the owner. In some cases, the owner may retain control of the products that are created as a result of the processing, but in other instances, the owner sells the materials to the processor, also known as a toller, using pricing that is defined in the terms and conditions of the agreement.

With both situations, the working relationship is usually designed to enhance the financial position of everyone concerned.

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