Emergency Cultivation Team

Cloning teams to provide propagation of Clones  on-site.


There are a few tricks to cloning to help lower plant mortality and have many more clones survive and thrive.  


It takes a team of trained propagators to clone quickly and correctly so that all plants are the exact age when planting.  


We can provide training and placement of expert cloning techs to produce approximately 1,000 clones per tech per day.  

The most important part of the clone is the genetic it comes from.

Phenotypes include:  Cherry, Baux, AC/DC and soon Harlequin.

Where the clone comes from is very important.  We start with a healthy young mother plant that has not been over harvested.  We cut our mothers 3 times then grow out new mothers.  


A mother plant which has been over harvested may produce ok looking clones, but they are weaker and may not do nearly as well in the field during a full grow season.  A weak clone may change to a male easier and never reach its normal potential for growth.

Our clones are healthy and are grown using best practices.  Clones arrive ready to grow and are not root bound.

  • Delivery or upon request.

  • First come, first serve. Deposits required. Buyback policy can be arranged.

While many people can grow clones, not a lot of people know the right practices for transporting tiny little baby plants.  


With our solid background in traditional agribusiness, as well as farm based cannabis, we practice Good Efforts of Delivery for Clones and Plants that includes transport in climate controlled vans. 


We supply everything needed for the transport, drivers and an attorney ride-along with the shipment to help ensure a timely delivery of your order statewide or nationwide.


Min order required.

Cannabis plants are very sensitive in the early stages.  Water, feeding, and pH are just the tip of plant care needed to grow a tiny clone into a fully loaded, glistening, stacked-with-tricomes plant.


Special care is needed to ensure that your cannabis clone grows into a beautiful and healthy flower. 

Our world wide skilled growers know how to prepare the plants for transplanting including "hardening off" the delicate clones. 


We can provide this care for your plants onsite, if you have the greenhouse and equipment space, or we can provide this plant care on one of our farms to get your clones ready for planting.

The team at Tribe Awake includes some of the most talented cannabis consultants in the world, including cannabis cup-winning cannabis cultivators, scientists, and business owners.


Our team includes medical doctors, plant scientists, large scale building management, concert and event planners, product development specialists, and in-house legal council who have set up CBD and TCH farms, dispensaries, education classes, and seed banks in multiple countries.

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