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Stepping into the cannabis business can be very exciting. Often people consider starting up a Medically Infused Product company to make edibles for THC or CBD products.   

While there are more regulations with a THC product, the MIP's for either THC or CBD has a great many steps that need to be considered and followed.  This incudes:

1. Understand your business concept.


2. Identify the ideal location of your business.


3. Prepare your license applications.

4. Find your real estate, cautiously.


The single biggest pitfall for aspiring edible businesses is committing to real estate before thoroughly investigating local zoning and regulations. It is absolutely essential that your property be properly zoned and you have the blessing of your target municipality before financially committing to a property. We know how to protect you.

5. Build your team.

6. Prepare for construction, hire a contractor.

7. Select and order your equipment.


8. Installation, inspection and field verification.

9. Final inspections.


10. Training and workflow.

These are just the highlights, and by no means are the entire scope of items you need to consider.  


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