Grow Classes

Unlike our grower training classes where we come to your facility to teach seasoned growers how to improve their growing knowledge, we offer immersion grow classes. 

Traditional schools rarely give lots of hands-on training.  Our grower classes are set up for book work and education in the morning, and afternoons spent working in a working CBD grow operation.    By the spring of 2019 we will have cannabis grower training sites  that will provide real life education for those who would like to learn how to grow from real life master growers working in their cannabis operations.    

Our topics cover:

  • Setting up the Grow Room

  • Cannabis Horticulture

  • Water and Nutrients

  • Soil-less soils and Containers

  • Seeds and Seedlings

  • Harvesting Cannabis

  • Lights, Lamps, and Electricity

  • Hydroponic Gardening

  • Air Flow

  • Pests, Fungi, and Diseases

  • Breeding Cannabis/Seed banks

  • Proper Drying techniques

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Founded by Parker MacRae,

August 22, 1996.

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