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When one of the worlds largest suppliers to the horticulture world begins to provide benches to the cannabis industry, it was a game-changer for cannabis growers and cultivation centers.


  • We specialize in commercial horticulture and cannabis production.


  • Every design/layout is designed for future expansion and cost efficiencies.


  • Our solutions provide customers with the highest quality internal transport systems, bench irrigation, lighting, robotics, automated potting and software for ERP, sales order processing and plant registration.

  • We work closely with customers to design a solution to fit each business owner’s specific requirements to enable the grower to cultivate superior plants, gain operational efficiencies, reduce labor costs, and increase profits, resulting in a favorable return on investment.


  • We scale our solutions to fit both your current budget and your long-range growth plans and work closely with your team to ensure the best design for your requirements right through implementation, and ongoing support.

  • HOVE is committed to representing the finest products available in the horticulture industry. If you are ready to grow your business, stay competitive, and save money, HOVE is ready to advise you on how to design, purchase, and implement automation solutions.

We are located in the Southeastern United States and can facilitate communications in English, Dutch, German, and French languages.

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