While there are a lot of nutrients out there, we only use and recommend brands our master growers and growers have seen stunning end results.

The truth will look a long time before you find another consultant and supply company that can come close.  No one else compares.   


We grow with the current nutrients on the market.   We could offer brands we know nothing about , but why?  At Tribe Awake we dedicated our lives to get our customers the best nutrients for healthy plants and  robust soil health - not just in their gardens but across the planet.


Our top product choices all have a long term shelf-life, No fillers, NO additives, and a massive savings on shipping as the product is shipped dry.  Ask about our CBD buy program if you use our recommended nutrients!


NO H2O?!?!   Just concentrated powder nutrients designed to give your plants everything they need!      We use the best, you should too!

Depend on Our Years of Expertise, Reputation & References

​We Demand the Highest Quality of Products in the Industry

Founded by Parker MacRae,

August 22, 1996.

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