Nutrients, Truth brand

Water = Weight.                               TRUTH NUTRIENTS = No water.     

No water weight = BIG savings!    TRUTH Nutrients  = Amazing Results.       


The truth is... no one else compares.     We could offer another brand, but why? TRUTH dedicated their lives to make nutrients for healthy plants and  robust soil health - not just in their gardens but across the planet.


Long term shelf-life, No fillers, NO additives, NO H2O?!?!   Just concentrated powder nutrients designed to give your plants everything they need, SHIPPED FREE  DIRECTLY TO YOU!      We use the best, you should too!

Get Better results, simpler mixing, spend less time and money... That's the TRUTH!

Depend on Our Years of Expertise, Reputation & References

​We Demand the Highest Quality of Products in the Industry

Founded by Parker MacRae,

August 22, 1996.

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