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If you have what it takes, we are looking for good sales representatives. A good sales rep will have a good customer base and maintains good relationships with all of his or her individual clients. Good sales agents visit their customers or call them regularly.



A good sales representative not only understand each and every individual customer, but it also understands the market as a whole.  Our clients are hungry for information about the industry.


Communication capacities of a sales representative are crucial. We believe a sales representative is the link between two parties, one selling products and the other one purchasing them.

A good sales representative must have the capability to communicate with both parties quickly and efficiently.  The representative must bring answers to its customers, but it must also bring answers to the company it represents.


Finding prospects is a good start. A sales representative also has tenacity. We follow up with customers, understand their sales cycles and know when to push. This follow up will make the difference between a sales representative that brings prospects and one that brings purchase orders. And there can be a huge gap between the two.

There are two kinds of follow-up.  Following up on existing opportunities and quotations already sent is the easiest.  It only requires a periodic phone call to keep abreast of the customer's happenings.  Our reps follow up on prospects that do not have an immediate need.  It requires from the sales representative that he or she calls on or visits customers periodically to make sure they keep our products in the forefront of their team when they are ready to place orders.


Customer contact is very important for any company, in order to get feedback on its products, to know about new trends and new customers requests, and to know about new products that customers would like to see. Selling through a sales representative opens a direct link between a company and its customers. Our reps relay customers concerns and requests directly to our company we. 

In the end, a sales representative is judged by its results. Our sales representatives adapts to our customers and knows how to get the order.  We give our sales reps the tools to get the job done!


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August 22, 1996.

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