Seed Procurement


To stay competitive, growers seek stabilized CBD or THC seed.   While many source seeds from breeders or seed banks, and find out too late that the seeds you get are only as good as the genetics they come from

New seed strains are often unstabilized hybrids or “types.” 

Though there are some such vendors who are “trusted” in the industry, there are many simply there to take advantage of this lucrative opportunity, selling seeds of dubious origin and value.  

Our seeds come with a Certificate of Authenticity, and more importantly, they come from seed producers who we have cultivated long term business with due to their high quality of seed. 

Let us help you find the right seed for your cannabis project.

Depend on Our Years of Expertise, Reputation & References

​We Demand the Highest Quality of Products in the Industry

Founded by Parker MacRae,

August 22, 1996.

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